17 January 2018

Holidays and Beaches

The last few months have been busy, and I've seen more of The Historian than usual.    It's been wonderful.

For Thanksgiving, he came to Jamaica for several days.  On previous visits we'd always been busy with something-or-other and so hadn't yet managed to get to some of the main tourist spots here in Kingston.  I have a favorite tour company here so we hired a guide for the day and visited the University of the West Indies campus which has a fascinating history from its origins, to WWII, to present day.  We also ventured to Port Royal and Fleet Street.  Thanksgiving itself was spent with embassy friends and Jamaicans, and I'm happy to say my improvised mulled wine was well-received.

Fleet Street

Fleet Street

Ludo game, commemorating Jamaica qualifying for the World Cup in 1998, Fleet Street

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we braved Canadian winter to watch the Seattle Sounders take on Toronto FC in a rematch of 2016's MLS Championship.  Sadly, Seattle did not prevail, but we had a great time and were able to catch up with Seattle friends that I've not seen for a few years.  And I may sound crazy, but I enjoyed the cold and the extra day we took to explore Toronto.  

Christmas and New Years I spent in DC, mostly lazing around snuggling my kitties, but also trying to explore what unique things DC has to offer during the holidays.  We were somewhat disappointed by the Zoo Lights at the National Zoo, but once again I enjoyed the cold.  And Starbucks. And museums.  And was reminded of the small world that is the Foreign Service when I checked in at a local pub on Facebook and ten minutes later a friend showed up to say hello and meet the Historian for the first time. 

And last but not least, I hosted a few friends here in Kingston, and the Historian was able to join us as well.  They toured a little while I was at work, but also enjoyed hanging out by the pool and sampling my rum.  We spent a few days of the long MLK weekend at a resort on the southern part of the island.

The cottage we rented was perfectly relaxing and we felt right at home.  Spent lots of time in the water, watched an amazing night time thunderstorm, and I slept soundly to the sound of the ocean right outside our door.  Not a bad way to end the holidays.
Whiskers, the cottage keeper's dog, was a cheerful companion and frequent visitor to the cottage.

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