22 October 2017

Day 452 of 709

As mentioned in previous posts, The Historian and I decided that for my first tour he'd stay in Washington, D.C. while I traveled alone to Jamaica.  We'd never have bid Jamaica otherwise, as this is the most restrictive country in the world when it comes to the importation of pets, and we would not have been allowed to bring the cats with us.

Anyway.  Today marks day 452 of 709 (projected) that we will be apart.  I'm not the only woman who has made this choice, as Jamaica's proximity to the United States makes serving here without family a bit easier to manage. I try to offer as much support as possible, especially to those newly starting off this way, as two years seems like an awfully long journey.

The Historian and I are maintaining our relationship with moments - "date night" where we watch a favorite TV show together (I get most U.S. TV, some stations from Miami, some broadcasts in English but with Spanish-language commercials out of South America), WhatsApp calls and texts, and an eye to milestones - when is our next time to see each other, when will I be back in DC, what our life will be like when he joins me at my next post.   

We've gone as long as three months apart, but try to see each other around every six weeks.  It sounds extravagant but flights aren't too terribly expensive - the main cost is time. There are no direct flights from Kingston to DC, so we have to connect in Miami.  American Airlines is the least expensive, but 90% of my flights have been late which means I have to build in a long layover to ensure I get there same day.  (As an aside, if you travel internationally more than once a year, Global Entry is totally worth it!)

I usually end up going to DC as it is easier not to leave the kitties for too long.  As an untenured officer I'm entitled to comp time for any extra hours worked, of which I'm taking full advantage.  

We've managed to spend a few weekends together in new-to-us places like Philadelphia...
City of Brotherly Love

I originally read this as "The Singer."  Ahem.

... and Miami.

One must look the part.

Old Miami Beach Historic District.

Wynwood District

Wynwood District

Moment to moment, and milestone to milestone, we're getting there together.  257 milestones to go.