24 October 2013

Asking the Right Questions

I was rushing to get ready for a meeting the other night, and in my rush my phone clattered out of my hand and bounced around on the kitchen floor. What happened next is why The Historian should really get major kudos for putting up with me.

(Via text)
Me: Dropped my phone.  Can I get a new one? 

Historian:  Uh, sure. Did it break??

Me: Not that its RELEVANT, but no, it did not break.

Historian: Hehe.

Now I'm wondering, was the breakage a prerequisite for buying new?  I mean really, the phone I have is two generations removed from the current version. Two!  I've never had a relationship with a phone last this long! 

Lesson Learned: Next time I'm sending him an email, because the whole texting thing was probably a clue that the phone was functional.  


  1. Hey! Just checking up with you-how did the OA go?

    1. Thanks for checking in. I didn't pass...again. Ugh! Its a mystery to me. Haven't decided yet if I'll try again. Tho I probably will. ;)

  2. Ugh! This crazy, crazy process sure is disheartening at times. Glad you tried!