08 September 2013


We have just returned from a Grand Scandinavian Adventure and I'm in that place where I'm happy to be home with my own bed, ability to laundry whenever I want, and my kitties.  The bummer is facing a Monday back to work, because it seems so much more painful after a vacation, no?

Somehow while we were away everyone also took a giant leap into Autumn.  Ads for school supplies are no longer on the air, and now the only thing people can talk about is football, and Fall party ideas. I was rather shocked when we went to Target yesterday and they didn't have Halloween candy for sale - clearly someone is slacking off in the ordering department!

And as I think about my dreaded first day back to work, I'm reminded of one of the things that I love about travel in Europe.  That is, the European breakfast.

Can there really be any comparison to the mad scrabble most of us do each morning for a meal? A muffin, bowl of soggy flakes of something or other, coffee. If someone is really ambitious they might microwave oatmeal once they get to the office.  

Would that I instead could look forward to selections of cheeses, fresh heavy breads, marmalade and honey, bacon and other assorted meats, fresh fruit, muesli and yogurt.  Eggs are less predictable for quality, alas, but sometimes you get lucky.

Unfortunately European breakfasts and endless summers are not practical to replicate in daily life, which is why I take a deep breath once in a while, and try to savour the moment.

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