27 April 2013

Still rummaging in the corner

Continuing the journey then after Cape Flattery, we stayed for a few nights in La Push, WA (yes, that La Push) and used it as our base for exploring more of the area.  I promise I took lots of photos of the whole Stephanie Meyer Twilight inspired cheesy goodness, which I'll cover in my next blog entry. 

For now though, lets talk beaches and the Hoh Rain Forest.

La Push is surrounded by water which you can see from this map view.  It really is just a small town that, like so many of the others in the region, you wouldn't visit unless you were very into fishing, hiking, or the beaches. There is a resort there which is probably the nicest you'll find in the area (including Forks) but if you are thinking of going, bring your own food as the few restaurants close early, if they open at all.

La Push is bordered to the north by the Quileute River, and on the other side is the Olympic National Park and Rialto Beach.  The beach has easy access from a parking lot, and there is no entrance fee.

The town, and aforementioned resort are on First Beach, followed to the south are Second and Third Beach.  Second and Third Beach will require a hike to reach, but the trail to Second Beach seemed well-maintained and are popular with the locals and hikers. You can purchase a permit from the resort to have a fire on the beach, and inquire about camping.

We also did a day trip to the Hoh Rain Forest within Olympic National Park. They have several short hikes as well as longer backpacking trips available.  And the usual National Park Services goodness - friendly rangers, critters that beg by the picnic areas, good ecological interpretation and elk that nonchalantly grazed by the road while we tourists snapped photos. It felt mysterious, old, and still even while teeming with life all around us and I highly recommend it. Most of my photos though are of the small details, as it is really hard to show in a picture just how enormous those trees really are.  

First Beach, Resort, looking north.

First Beach, looking south.

The boy clambering on this log looked to be about eight, 
if that gives you an idea of its size.

First Beach

Rialto Beach
Rialto Beach
Second Beach
Second Beach
The magical road through to the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center. 

Every National Park has a "Hall of..." something.

Life, from a fallen tree.

No fairy or hobbit sightings, darn it.


  1. Didja see Jacob?

    1. We didn't see any young people at all, actually. More Billy Black than Jacob.