13 October 2012

Things I Hope to be Able to Read

The Historian and I boldly ignored State Department warnings about travel to Egypt following the 25 January Revolution - their part in the Arab Spring, which deposed longtime leader Hosni Mubarak.  

Because I'm rather more interested in the regular people than the carefully messaged tourist stuff, I was in heaven with all of the graffiti we found in the country by people who were celebrating their newly rediscovered collective strength.  It was an amazing time to be there.

I've chosen photos with a dual purpose - to show some of the more powerful expressions we saw, and secondarily, because I'm taking Arabic and mentioned to my professor I'd love to be able to actually read these for myself someday.   So some are for him to see if he would like to use in class.  They are therefore not organized by place but rather by type.

Photos after the jump, as there are a lot of them!

Grafitti -

Aswan, Egypt

Alexander on the left, a pharaoh on the right and freedom in the middle.  Egyptians embrace their history.

I can read one of these words...!
 More formally printed items -

I seem to remember this is a poster advertising the Muslim Brotherhood, encouraging peace.  I'm sure someone will correct me if not.  

A few commercial products -

Taken in Alexandria, of course! 


  1. I love these photos! I took Arabic in college but, alas, I have forgotten most of it. Maybe some day I will be able to learn it again, a beautiful language.

    1. It is such a lovely script, I think that is part of what made me pick Arabic to learn. (Besides, extra points on an OA don't hurt!)