01 October 2012

Pics From My Car: Joshua Tree & Palm Springs

One of the things The Historian and I try to do is "play tourist" as much as possible wherever we are.  So in 2005, we took a long weekend in Joshua Tree National Park, and came back to LA via Palm Springs.  What follows are a few photos from the trip.

The gate of our B&B - I could get used to waking up to this view every morning!

Roughley Manor

One of the hiking paths.

In flight over Coachella Valley.

Kind of hard to tell, but there are motorcycles on the left and a coyote doing his evening commute on the right.

Coyotes don't care.  Its happy hour.

My new favorite species of dandelion - the desert dandelion.  Unlike your usual lawn variety, these had a sweet buttery scent.

The San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm, near Palm Springs.

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