02 September 2012

We have arrived!

We have arrived in Charlotte!  I've only taken a few photos so far, but we got here at dusk so didn't see much.  I'll try to upload some to this blog, but it means figuring out how to transfer pics from my Android phone to my iPad's we-don't-play-well-with-other-kids system and that might be too much for my brain.  I have uploaded things to Twitter though so check them out there!

A few thoughts:

  • Landing here felt a bit like descending into the Heart of Darkness - the haze from the humidity + a heavy cloud layer was a dramatic transition!  Not quite the impressive views of Mt. Rainier that we were treated to as we left Seattle, but it is still beautiful country.
  • The DNC had volunteers stationed at the airport to welcome us, which was a nice surprise.  There were at least 30 Delegates on the flight, some of whom broke out in cheers when we landed. 
  • More fun was watching the non-DNC folks look at us like we were an entirely different species.  So far every local I've talked with is planning to avoid the city center at all costs this week. I asked one woman if she'd be taking in the free CarolinaFest events on Monday and she was adamant that there was no way that will happen unless someone flies her in with a helicopter.  I don't blame her!
  • It is even humid in the hotel's elevator.
  • The hotel stocked up on WA wines in anticipation of our arrival, and has signage out as well.  One wonders at the timing, though, of their chosen ads for their hotel key cards - they are all advertisements for the Billy Graham Museum with a special exhibit on how he advised so many Presidents!  I am reminded a bit of Branson, MO where my inlaws live and it's feeling of clinging to a bygone era.
  • The hotel and restraunt folks are not quite sure what to make of us yet.  We asked our waiter last night where we can buy wine for our room and he seemed mystified about why we asked such a silly question.  I explained that WA only recently has allowed the sale of liquor outside of state hands.


  1. My husband is there with you all in the Washington delegation, (Brad Taylor). I was interested in your blogging from the convention, and would love to see your pictures. I have an iPad also, and you are right they do not play well with others. The best way...or I should say easiest way for me to get photos from your phone to iPad is by just emailing them to yourself, saving them and then posting them from your saved photos. Thanks for blogging, look forward to following this.

    1. I will look for your hubby tomorrow! It's our first delegation breakfast together so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone as a group!

      Blogger is apparently buggy on the iPad so I may just d/l the photos I've tweeted and upload them enmasse. It won't be pretty but it'll work!

      Thanks for checking in!