03 September 2012

Pics From My Car - Big Bear

The Historian and I spent our anniversary in Big Bear Lake, CA one year, and the trip there was one of the many tests our relationships have endured over the years!

We tried the short route first - and quickly ran into a spring snowstorm which made the roads slippery and terrified all of the other LA drivers who were heading into the mountains as well.  (You have to understand, drivers in LA freak out when it rains, and have no idea how to drive on snow.)  We turned around when we realized they were requiring chains for tires, something this South Dakota Girl scoffs at. 

A call to our B&B quickly got us redirected to a more circuitous route that took us through the desert and around to the back of the mountain.  An extra three hours, but we got this amazing photo of the storm as it gathered on the mountains.  It was yet another surreal moment in this life to go so quickly from near blizzard conditions to sun and desert and I think this photo captures the moment.

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