02 September 2012

DNC - Saturday

I can't help but feel we are early to the party, but it was nice to have a day to get oriented. We had a leisurely breakfast before taking a shuttle to the light rail station and "uptown" Charlotte. (Uptown is what Mose people consider "downtown.")

We walked around, took tons of photos of the MSNBC set and had a beer at Mortimers - a great little pub. Then we heard that 65+ protester groups would be parading by so we waited...and waited...saw lots of police but only the very start of the parade as we were rushing back to the hotel to get ready for our delegate party...

A note on delegate parties: they are paid for by the host committee, are open bar, and ours was pretty darn awesome.  It was at the Levine Museum of the New South and had great exhibits, themed rooms, signature cocktails and a lively band.  We had a great time, and I met many delegates from Arizona, Colorado and Oregon, as they shared our venue.  Afterwards I managed to get an invite to the Democratic Governors Assn party which had another great live band and a pitch from Jeff Bridges for his efforts to combat child hunger.  Fun times!

Really the only major hiccup has been that our bus to the party tonight never showed up so we were all at least an hour late to the party.  Other delegations had similar troubles so it seems systemic and I hope they get it figured out by Tuesday!  For my part, I was happy I'd programmed a union-friendly cab co. Into my phone before I left Washington, so my friends and I managed to get to the party only an hour and a half late.  Sometimes being the super planner type pays off!

Tomorrow we have our first Delegation breakfast - at the Crack of Dawn

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