03 September 2012

DNC - Labor Day

It was quite an early start this morning, but we had great speakers at breakfast and were off and running!  The Convention doesn't officially start until tomorrow night at 5pm EST, but there were several caucuses today that people could attend. One of the things I admire most about they way the Convention is going this year is that many of the events are open to the public - including the caucuses and when President Obama speaks on Thursday (weather permitting, otherwise we will have to move inside to a smaller venue.)

We enjoyed CarolinaFest today, which was similar to many community festivals except we had lots more political focus, and celebrities like Jeff Bridges and James Taylor played at the main concert stage.  I saw Rev. Jesse Jackson, who did not seem to remember me from when I drove him through South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  I didn't take it personally!

The highlight of my day was volunteering with about 25 of my fellow Delegates to build a house for a veteran. Rather, half a house - the first half was built during the RNC but they'll be joined together and the finished home will stay here in Charlotte.  It is a great feeling to give back to this city which has been so welcoming to us, everyone has a warm smile and seems happy to see us - despite how much of a disruption we are to things!

Tonight we ended the evening with a WA Delegation party at the infamous Mac's Speed Shop, for barbecue, great beer, and good company.  We are looking forward to our official start tomorrow - though it feels like we've been here a long time already - and taking on the hard work and important conversations we are here to have! 

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