24 September 2012

DNC - Day 1

I've been slow to do the wrap-up of the DNC, but as always happens, Life Intervened and I've found myself without the time I thought I'd have.  Also, for some reason my body thought that the 3 hours of sleep I got per night in Charlotte just wasn't enough so I had to catch up on sleep.  More on Life Intervening later.  

Many of us flew to Charlotte on the Saturday before the Convention.  Getting to the East Coast from here is an all-day affair because the time change just ruins it for everyone.  Also, our first event was Sunday night.  There is one direct flight between Seattle and Charlotte, so there were about thirty-five of us on the flight - which was fun for us anyway.  

It was very difficult for me to post pictures to this blog as Blogger and the iPad kept arguing, so I did a few posts in Charlotte with out them.  This post has some of my first impressions.  

Where are we going?

Washington is like living in a postcard!

Our delegation filled the hotel. 

Our room for the week. 

You may not be able to see it, but in addition to a jar of nuts (get it?) to welcome us, the hotel also had key cards advertising the Billy Graham Library, featuring a photo of Rev Graham and LBJ on the reverse.  Welcome to North Carolina, heathens!
My friend's hubby arranged this welcome package for her - including whiskey shots, because sending her an entire bottle (their tradition) would not have been legal in NC.  The Historian accused him of trying to make all of the rest of the husbands look bad.  

I was utterly speechless when I saw this.

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