03 September 2012

A few more thoughts...

Almost forgot:

I was interviewed by a Chinese television station today about Obama, the Convention, and a reaction to Romney's speech.  He asked if I "thought Obama needs another chance.". I replied that his question implies Obama had somehow failed during his first term, and that in fact the opposite is true.  I said our President has absolutely delivered progress for this country, and that another four years to continue his work is what our country needs.  I also was able to point out that I'm from Washington state, where the US Ambassador to China, Gary Locke, was once Governor.  If only I had a friend in China who could watch to see if they use it, and if so, how they spin it!

And one more bit on volunteering...so, we in Seattle are accustomed to a little rain, right? Wow, Southern rain is a whole different story! While we were at the house site, the skies utterly opened up in a deluge that lasted about half an hour. We were able to shelter in the house, and to help cover equipment and save the banner everyone had signed from ruin from the water.  I'm almost regretting not bringing my raincoat like The Historian wanted me to!

Thursday, the day Obama is scheduled to speak, the last of the hurricane is projected to hit Charlotte.  I hope it doesn't rain, but if it does, I'll be more than willing to stand in the rain if it means more people can share the moment with us.  Fingers crossed!

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