10 August 2012

Why we need to go to South America

I was offered a job this week and my exact conversation with The Historian was "If I take it then we need to start thinking about where our next trip is going to be."  Clearly I have my priorities straight.

I've decided it should be South America - we'll see if he agrees.  Not because a tour of wine country in Chile would be amazing (it would!), or because I want to learn to tango in Buenos Aires or even to take in some world-class soccer in Rio. 

Ok well maybe it would be for those things. 

But I really like taking photos of graffiti, such as these from Budapest...

Do not anger the Couch Monster.

Or my all time favorite of the Lennon Wall in Prague:

"Reach down as well as up...no roots = no branches!"

Perhaps most magical is the accidental discovery that we have "love" graffiti from many of our trips.  As much as people would like to draw lines between people, or categorize them, or vilify or deify or blame, I love that no matter what continent you're on, someone out there is in love and wants to declare it in a public act of vandalism.*  Below are a few...

Castle of Eger, Hungary

Tempe, AZ

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt

Close up of the above.

A highway in Alaska

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier, Iceland

South America and Asia are not represented in this collection, which is really why Chile, Argentina, and Brazil should be next on the list. Then China and Thailand. (Are you taking notes, Historian?)  

* I think it goes without saying that there is a line at which graffiti becomes jackass behavior.  Don't be a jackass! 

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