27 August 2012

Pics From My Car - Deadwood on Sunset Blvd

This is the formal debut of my new series - Pics From My Car.  I never quite realized how many photos we have taken while driving, or flying, or on a boat, and some are fun and interesting.  So on or about every Monday I'll have a new installment.  

This is a bit of a soft start, but it was quite a fun moment for The Historian and I.  We had moved to Los Angeles from South Dakota, and after five years of navigating the urban jungle, it was surreal for us when all of "Hollywood" was suddenly ga-ga for Deadwood.  

The show was based around the town, which is a National Historic Landmark.  The writers combed city archives and drew many of the characters from those who were named in newspaper stories from the day.  My family had been in the real Deadwood for generations, and The Historian was actually *the* historian for the city which is how we met.  His efforts to build the city archive and support the town's landmarks definitely contributed to the community and the show!

Imagine our delight then when we were driving down famed Sunset Boulevard in La-La Land and spotted this billboard.  We had to circle back and take a photo for all of the folks back in the Wild West.  

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