14 August 2012

"I could break you."

I should have known that I was in for it on Friday when I had a new massage therapist who was clearly born an Amazon.  These are the things she said to me during the session:

  • "You remind me of another client I have who was in a car accident. I've worked on her for six months."
  • "If we work on this long enough I'm sure I could break you."
  • "My grandfather was a massage therapist when they could still use tools.  He modified an industrial floor sander that I wish I could use on you."
By the end of my 90 minutes I could tell she was exhausted, and that I'd feel amazing.  And I did, for about three hours.  But I think she must have bruised me a wee bit after I found myself shrieking when The Historian dared lay a single gentle hand on my back.  

It was worth it, but I think I'll start drinking more water like my sister (also a massage therapist) tells me to.  Looking forward to her telling me "I told you so."


  1. Because listening to the professionals when your health is involved is bad, why?

    Jus' sayin', don' mean no harm.

    1. Well SOME health professionals I know avoid massage altogether - Just sayin. ;)