01 July 2012

On being "temporarily retired"

I am one week post-layoff from ye olde giant telecom company. I'm freaking out a tiny bit about the loss of income, and I loathe job hunting, but my biggest concern is keeping busy so that my skills don't rot and my idleness lead to discontent where there is none.

This being said, I've devised a wee list of things with which to keep myself busy.  
  • Job hunting (can't keep traveling if I'm not working!)
  • Preparing for my FSOA
  • Certificate in public relations this fall (yay!)
  • Working on my Arabic
  • Possibly learn to cook (hahaha, no.)
  • Organize my house.  I am happiest with no clutter and a minimum of "stuff." 
  • Volunteering for boards and favorite politicians, the work goes on. I know part of this will be needing to remind people that just because I am unemployed doesn't mean that I owe them 40+ hours a week, but I'll stay strong!
  • Joining friends once or twice a week swimming in a saltwater pool and...well the rest is covered under a dome of silence.
Items not under consideration are: getting pregnant, eating bonbons, or working on my tan.  

I may also start planning our next adventure - maybe Istanbul?

Tranquility Bay, Belize

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